Special Laddu

Its a speciality of thaggu these special thaggu ke laddu are made by various kaju,badaam,pista mix special suji thats why name is special laddu.

Khoya Laddu

Khoya laddu of thaggu made by special and pure khoya used for softness and a real sweetness of laddu so it become very tasty.

Kaju Laddu

These famous kaju laddu made by pure khoya and suji mix with a kaju for real taste of laddu.

Badnaam Kulfi

Unlike most other Kulfis its whipped rather than just frozen and so it has a slightly Rabri like texture.
(Mehmaan Ko Chakhana nahi,tik Jayega)

Doodh Peda

Doodh peda is one of the most tasty sweet of thaggu, available for special occasion.

Shop of Thaggu

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People can reach various shops of thaggu because these shops are situated at every
prime location of kanpur.
  • Special Thaggu ke Laddu
  • Khoya Laddu                       
  • Kaju Laddu                       
  • Badnaam kulfi                       
  • Doodh Peda